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Welcome to the Communications and Signal Processing (CSP) research group at the University of Wisconsin - Madison. We are at the threshold of a new era in science and engineering. Never before have we possessed capabilities to sense, process and share such a tremendous wealth of information.

Emerging sensor modalities in medicine, bioinformatics and wireless networking have opened the door to tantalizing new possibilities for signal and data acquisition. Recent advances in statistical signal processing, machine learning, and pattern recognition are paving the way for powerful new algorithms and applications in scientific data analysis, especially in very high-dimensional settings.

The convergence of communications and computing is challenging the very foundations of traditional communication theory and driving the development of new networking and communications systems, including wireless sensor networks and quantum communications. The research activities of the CSP group lie at the intersection of information sensing, processing and sharing. Some of the latest breakthroughs coming out of our group include:

New MEG imaging methods that are helping researchers better understand brain functionality

Novel architectures for wireless sensor networking that unify the tasks of sensing, processing and communications

Methods for reconstructing communication, biological and social networks from highly incomplete data

Non-traditional sensing and sampling techniques that can dramatically outperform traditional Nyquist-Shannon sampling

Powerful face-recognition systems based on algebraic group theory

The CSP Group keeps a mailing list for event announcements, among other things. Subscription instructions and information can be found at

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